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Pickert Dinner

Pickert Dinner
Joyce Ann Brummel Larson
Here are the home movies you've heard about. Click on the name to view ... enjoy!

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UPDATE 5/25/09: Another mystery solved ... The blonde toddler is Harold and Mary Alice's son Jeff.


Dear Sharon,

Your newest video,

It was taken Thanksgiving day 1964 at our home. We had just moved into our house in Arlington Heights and as yet did not have any furniture in the family room so there was plenty of room for  tables and chairs. it was quite an undertaking as I was nine months pregnant and had never before cooked a turkey.  Greg was born December 23rd. It's great to see these old photos. Thanks for all your work.

Mary Alice


Hello All!

Finally! I think I figured out the problem with the Pickert Dinner film... it appears to have been VISTA! (Macs Rule!)

The Pickert Dinner film is complete. It is a larger file to retain better quality, so be patient when viewing. Does anyone recognize where the dinner was held? Martha and Mary Alice were both wearing aprons. Was it Martha and Harold's prior to remodeling? Let me know if you know. UPDATE: Mary Alice confirmed it was at her house.

Let me know if you run across any errors with it. Please know there was a glitch in the original film during the card game so the glitch carried over in the conversion.

Ken, sorry to say this video will only give your daughter more fuel.



Hello All!

Below is a rundown of Thanksgiving Dinner, 1964, at Harold and Mary Alice's house in Arlington Heights. Thanks Ken Bollweg for going through and getting the ball rolling on identifying those in the video. Additonally, there are changes I've made, in bold, here and there. If you see something that needs to be updated, please let me know. If you want to highlight a a specific clip, let me know.



0:14 - 0:24    Ray Bollweg

0:24 - 1:07    Some of the most embarrassing dancing on the planet with Shirley Pickert, Rita Pickert, Valerie Pickert, Donna Brummel, Sharon Brummel, Mary, Nancy, Joanie, Doris, Jim, & Ken Bollweg.  Valerie is in the middle with her back to the camera initially.  The dorky kid in the striped shirt that enters from the right at 0:31 is me.  Joanie & Doris are on the left with Shirley.  Jim is standing at the far left behind Shirley - too shy (wise) to dance.  Rita, Donna, Nancy & Mary are on the right.  Sharon, is that you in the red that comes in from the left at 0:37 and then back from the right at 0:42? Yes

1:07 - 1:11   I think this is Ray Pickert yes but I can't tell who the toddler is on his lap since he is shielding her eyes from the camera light. I don't know who the baby is either, but it is the same baby that Joanie is holding later. UPDATE: Kitty thinks it's Kelly.

1:11 - 1:16   Back to the land of really impressive dancing.

1:16 - 1:36   Harold Bollweg is cutting the turkey with Bob Pickert (? - not sure since his back is toward the camera I, too, think this is Bob Pickert because of his shirt color...see cards game...and height next to Harold).  Rita Pickert is on the left.  The camera pans left and Martha Bollweg, Mary Bollweg, Nancy Bollweg, & Rosie Pickert are visible.  I think I see Sharon Debbie in the background as well with others I can't identify.  When it pans back to cutting the turkey, Mary Alice Pickert is visible in the background. I see your confusion here. Debbie Pickert is wearing a red turtleneck, a headband and her hair in a ponytail. I (Sharon) have on a red shirt, and a headband, but no in the dancing performance in the beginning, or as I like to call it--my first fasination with 'technology'...the movie camera.

1:36 - 1:55   Saying prayers:  Mary, Martha, Ray, Rosie, Fran, Harold, and others I'm not sure about.  I think that's Harry Picket in the center background at 1:46.  At 1:49, Doris picks up a toddler I can't identify Jeff Pickert.  Jim comes in from the left about this time as well.

1:39 Sharon on left and Debbie on right in the background

1:55 - 2:14  More turkey cutting:  Harry is on the left and the tall kid is Tom Brummel(? yes, with Debbie in the ponytail).  Rosie is clearly visible at 2:06 followed by Joyce Brummel (Larson) & Mike Larson and the dorky kid again.  How did you all put up with me?  Valerie walks in from the left at ~2:10.  Still trying to figure out if that is Sharon in red nope, in this shot it's Debbie.

2:14 - 2:26  A glimpse of Bob Brummel on the left right (your other left Ken), Mike & Joyce Larson in the background.  Is that Bob Herman in the foreground with his back to the camera? Yes, see the color shirt in the card game.  Harold Pickert, Tom Brummel, and several others I can't make out.

2:22 I believe it is Willie next to you.

2:26 - 2:44   Jim Bollweg and Willy or Dan (?) I'm thinking Dan Pickert swinging at each other before sitting down.  Mary Alice flashes through for a second.  Bernice Brummel can be seen for a moment as the camera pans right.  Martha Bollweg appears at the left at 2:42.

2:40 Joey(?) next to Debbie?

2:43  Me on the left, Debbie on the right, both in red, Debbie is five years older than me.

* see next: 2:44 - 2:58  Ken, Sharon (is that you? nope, see next entry) Donna, Mike, Bernice, Mary Alice, Doris.  Who does Bernice grab at 2:51 and turn around to face the camera?  Is that Willy or Dan? Actually, I think it is Andy. There are two wearing plaid, Andy and Dan I think. Taller being Andy.

* 2:44 - 2:58  (clockwise) Andy, Ken, Debbie, Joyce, Mike, Donna, Mary Alice, Jean, Doris, Bernice

2:58 - 3:22  Too many to name...  Who is the baby Joanie is holding? I don't know. UPDATE: Kitty thinks it's Kelly.

3:04 Debbie sitting, Sharon standing/modeling a fashionable shawl.

3:12 Dan possibly making his first rapper video.

3:22 - 3:49 Playing cards: Harold Bollweg (why are you holding your cards up, Dad?), Bob Pickert, Bob Brummel, Harry Pickert, Ray Pickert, and Bob Hermann with his back to the camera?  Jim Bollweg is visibly "kabitzing" on the left at 3:38.  Then he stole my Dad's beer.  This went on for many, many, years to come.


The movies are absolutely fantastic!!! Thank you so much for posting these.  I kinda thought I was a bit of as a dork as a kid. This film definitely confirms it...especially for my daughter. We're really looking forward to the Thanksgiving footage.

Thanks again,
Ken [Bollweg]


Enjoy my parents, Bob and Bernice Brummel's, 25th wedding anniversary mock wedding; Family Dinner at Harold and Mary Alice's home, and Rosie and Mike Christofidis' wedding day home movies.

These home movies have been passed on to me by my (our) cousin, Andrew Pickert. Thank you Andrew for sharing these wonderful gems.

Click the links to enjoy the movies, but beware, they may take a bit to load, but hang in there. I didn't want to compromise the quality anymore than I had to. One suggestion I would make is to view the movie as small as you can and still be able to see it, the smaller the frame, the less pixelation.

Send me your comments and memories about the events, and I'll add them to this page for everyone to see...





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