Descendants of
Conrad and Margaret Pickert
Family Reunion - Saturday, July 18, 2009

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The 'Pickert Picnic' will be Saturday, July 18, 2009
at the Richard Young Forest Preserve,
Route 71, Yorkville.

Please continue to check this page for the latest information regarding the picnic.
PICNIC TIME FRAME: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. CATERED BUFFET DINNER: 1 p.m. - 3 p.m.
It's here! See you all in a few hours!
The winner is: (insert drum roll here) Catered and everyone Brings a Dessert to Pass.
I need to work out the final details and price with the caterer. I will let you know the cost when I get all the details and you can pay me at the reunion.
When I think Pickerts ... I think fantastic homemade pies! ;-)
For many reasons, it would be much easier if everyone brought their own drinks, then everyone can have what they like. Remember: County Preserve, no alchohol. (I have to say that)
For those of us in town, please bring extra chairs--if you have them--for the out of towners. There will be picnic tables, but doesn't hurt to have extra chairs even if we don't use them.

(Included in the listings are children's names, just a way for me to keep track, the children may or may not be attending)

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Jeff Pickert Sorry to say we won’t be making the trip No
Kate Fowler I plan on being there and I'll bring Andrew along. :) Yes
Mike Larson I would like  to stop  for a bit and say hello. Yes
Sharon and Dana White Very excited to have a laid back, relaxing day with all of you! At this time I don't have any plans for any games. Bring your deck of cards...we can't have too many of those. Courtnie Vecchione will be organizing activites for the kids. Let me know if you have any contributions for kids games, I'll pass the info on to Courtnie. Rumor has it, Mary Alice will be sharing family information with us. Yes
Steve Pickert and Kathy Nash ...I plan on coming by and seeing everyone. I talked to the kids and they will not be able to make it that day. Yes
Fran and Jerry Hundley   Yes
Kari Fowler I won't be making it to the reunion.  I hope everyone has a good time! No
Nick Fowler I plan on attending Yes
Amy and Tim Kerley - Peyton, Jacob   No
Rena Sorry for the delay, I'm coming! Can't wait!! Let me know what you need and I'm there. Yes
Zack Fowler Sure, I'll be there. Yes
Tom and Brenda Brummel   Yes
Valerie Pickert   Yes
Scott and Kristi Pickert - Carson We typically on vacation at that time but if things change I’ll let you know. Maybe
Shane and Lori Brummel I am not sure if we will be able to come or not.- put us down as a maybe. Maybe
Lorraine Pickert I do plan on going. As for the food choice, either choice 3 or 4 is fine with me. Yes
Dan and Carol Pickert - Thomas, Kevin, Samantha Thomas, Kevin and Samantha will be there. There will be 5 including Dan and Myself. Yes
Julia and Chris Hopp - Logan, Owen, Sophia Great idea! We are a strong maybe. We are working out our schedule, but hope to make it. UPDATE: We have our schedule ironed out and you can change our "maybe" to a "yes" for the picnic. We look forward to it! Yes
Rosie and Mike Christofidis Planning on coming -will leave menu choice to majority. Yes
Shirley Herman I will be coming and as far as the food, I suggest that every family bring there own and that way the families will get what they like, however, whatever the majority suggests. Yes
Jean Swanson   Yes
Chris and Eric Wheat - Matt and Gabby You know we'll be coming. Yes
Debbie and Dave Myers, Mike, Don, Cristine

Number 4 sounds good to us too. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. Dave and I will be attending but my kids are not going to be able to make it.

Ken and Laura Bollweg - Ryan, Jenna, Jason I sure do appreciate you planning this big birthday party for me...but I doubt I'll be able to make it as I'll still be in Switzerland. No
Joan and Walt
...Unfortunately we will not be able to make it given the distance & previous commitments. Tell everyone "hello" for us & wish we could be there. No
Harold and Mary Alice Pickert Harry and I plan on attending the picnic. Yes
Eric and Kelley Hundley ...but will be visiting Chicago 8/15-8/22.  I would very much like to see some family while we are there.  Maybe we could get together for a mini-reunion that week?... No
Doris and Rich McGuire - Nolan, Brendan Rich and I are planning on coming to the picnic. Brendan will not be coming to the picnic. Yes
Nancy and Mike Zajano - Rachel, Maureen, Emily Mike and I are definitely able to come. Yes
Todd and Lisa Larson - Jordan, Kayley, Amanda   No
Donna and Dave Fowler   Yes
Mary Ellen Pozzebon - Hannah Hannah and I will be there. Yes
Willie and Pattie Pickert - Hollie, Amanda, Mindy

Just wanted to officially let you know Willie and I won’t be coming.  Our girls can’t make it either. Take lots of pictures for your web site so we can at least see everyone having fun.

Andrew Pickert As of now, I should be able to make it. My mother (Valerie) will also be attending. Yes
Sandy and Al Rhea - Jennifer Al and I will be unable to come to the picnic.  It seems that July is the month to have events this year and everyone picked the same weekends. No
Michelle and Fr. Cosmas Halekakis - Yanni, Michael, Max, Gregory ...Can't wait for all the kids to get together. Yes
Ed and Holly Fowler - Ian and 'Bama' We will be there - Yorkville sounds good to me. Yes
Dave Pickert and Mary Wagner ...Looking forward to it ... Yes
Ary and Lana Christofidis - Michael and Lia ...the date is on my calendar.  As of now I plan on bringing the family. Yes
Phil and Krissy White   Yes
Kitty Barstad Myself and my kids, Andrew and Paige Barstad, will attend the reunion. Looking forward to it!  Yes
Jim and Nicky Bollweg - Robert and David Unfortunately neither of us will be able to attend. No
Tenesha and Brian James - Nolan, Alyssa, Thomas ...Everything works for me, the date, time, location, etc.  I am a fan of your personal fav, cater meal, bring dessert.  Yes
Courtnie and Joe Vecchione - Brenden, Aidan, Gavin My family will be there. Yes
Mikki Larson and Mike Busch - Luke, Roman and Matthew You can put us down for a yes! Yes
Greg and Laurie Pickert Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it this time. No